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Hi there! My name is Gabriela.
I’m a designer from Porto, living in Lisbon, Portugal.

I love traveling, dogs, cats, chocolate and beach. I've got a lot of personality and a bit of bad temper (only when it's necessary!).

I've graduated in Product Design and today I'm UI/UX Designer.

I have a strong graphic design background and I developed campaigns and events while working in publicity agencies. Before working with Usability and User Experience in digital products, I’ve worked some Augmented Reality campaingns with Layar. Later, I’ve developed skills as a User Experience and User Interface Designer, and I focused in the Visual and Interface Design areas.

My experience as UX / UI designer goes through the areas of Telco, Financial Services and Quality Assurance, where I’ve had the opportunity to develop innovative products.

I'm proactive, independent and i definitely like challenges.
So... what do you have for me?

August 2017